Luiz GamaLuiz Gama

Luiz Gama

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer


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Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

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Carpay, Inc

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React, Next.js, Angular, NestJs, Express, Redux, RxJS, Clean Architecture, SQL, NoSQL


Vila Velha, ES, Brazil

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Software Engineer

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Individual Contributor

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Luiz Gustavo Freire Gama

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I'm senior full stack engineer, learning since 1994 I work with most programming languages, but for the last 5 years I'm focused on JavaScript and TypeScript. Front-end development using frameworks React, Next.js, Remix, Angular, VueJS, global/micro state management with Redux, Zustand, Recoil, xstate, ngrx, redux-observable or MobX, Progressive Web Application (PWA), SEO techniques, accessibility (WCAG) and with a special attention to deliver pixel-perfect designs, improve performance. Back-end development using frameworks NestJS, Express, Hapi, Ts.ED, koa, design patterns like CQRS, event sourcing and many more, websockets, microservices, ORM, SQL and NoSQL, security patterns, caching layers, performance and optimization, message queue/brokers, background jobs. I'm not an experto, but I have a good knowledge on building CI/CD pipelines using Docker/Kubernetes on GCP, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean and also using Serverless framework and Terraform, documentation tools, project management tools and more. My English level is C1 (, more precisely C2 for reading and B2 for listening, but I can improve my listening quickly. Actually I'm working for an American company and I'm able to communicate with the team, explain architectures, give and receive feedbacks and so one. I have a good problem-solving vision and a long experience with solutions. I am also very focused on productivity seeking to reduce TOILS by automating repetitive tasks in the companies where I work. My LinkedIn profile:

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April 18, 2022
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