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Cie is looking for a Senior Front-End Developer who has an expertise in all things Javascript and a solid understanding of back-end development. You will have the opportunity to develop web-based applications for our clients and start-ups. We are looking for someone who is passionate about taking business requirements and bringing them to life with clean and elegant code. We want someone who can help the team incorporate innovative advances in technology that are driven by Javascript. If you are a self-motivated individual with an exceptional level of attention-to-detail…then APPLY HERE! What You'll Achieve in a Year: DO COOL THINGS! - You will have created reusable components for websites, made architectural decisions for web applications and helped specify API requirements required to build a successful project. HAVE AN IMPACT! - You will have helped evaluate new technologies and decide whether their adoption aligns with department goals and creates a better product. A STARTUP PRO - Our in-house startups will give you the opportunity to put your at-scale experience to use at the ground level when that extra acceleration is needed from the jump! TECH AGNOSTIC - Our development team is made up of world class engineers from backend (.NET Core), mobile (React Native, Unity, and Xamarin), and front-end (Vue, React, and Angular). By leveraging the latest development technologies, you will always be exposed to something new.

Skills Required

Support teams by managing code dependencies, optimizing the build process and streamlining task automation from development to production. Bring your Javascript expertise to the company that will help shape the Front End Team and the projects we work on. Attend team knowledge shares and have the opportunity to present topics to increase the team knowledge. Work on projects where you can leverage your strengths, and level up in your areas for growth. You must be able to demonstrate expertise in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Experience optimizing web performance (i.e. network, cpu). Experience using Google Page Speed Insights to evaluate and improve website performance. Familiarity with Sass, BEM and Bootstrap. Experience working with Git version control. Experience developing projects across all screen sizes and modern browsers. Strong knowledge of developing responsive websites and web applications. Exceptional level of attention-to-detail and the ability to collaborate with designers and content creators to develop robust and user-friendly interfaces.


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Software Engineer

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May 12, 2021
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