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We are hiring a Senior JavaScript Engineer to drive the development of our patent pending video rendering technology. The Videate Engine runs in our AI cloud turning documentation into seamless movies that pass the video Turing test. Reporting to the VP of Engineering, you will assume the principal role of improving and extending this technology as we acquire more customers. You will be in the mix of all company software development, as this core technology is behind the scenes for 100% of our customers. Additionally, candidates will need to understand browsers head-to-toe and will maintain a number of Chrome extensions that support the video rendering engine operations.

Skills Required

❂ JavaScript / Node.js ❂ PostgreSQL / Redis / Couchbase ❂ Docker ❂ Browser extensions, Chrome primarily, building towards cross-browser compatibility ❂ BASH / Linux command line ❂ Video recording in Linux (extra credit)


Remote, Austin HQ

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Software Engineer

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Backend Engineer

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May 19, 2021
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