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HiveWatch is a tech-forward, inclusive organization fostering the evolution of the physical security industry. We are a diverse team of forward thinkers who empower each other to find creative and collaborative solutions in an industry ripe for modernization. We are passionate about the problems we’re solving for our customers and equally passionate about the company we’re building. HiveWatch is our Security Fusion Platform™ that works with existing security systems, enabling users to reduce noise, and add an intelligent orchestration layer to help companies manage their current security programs. You can think of it as the operating system for physical security. Alongside this cloud-based platform is our mobile app, Patrol, that connects field resources (guards) to our customer’s operation centers without the need for expensive radio solutions or cumbersome call sheets. Lastly, HiveWatch’s Swarm is our Virtual Global Security Operations Center (vGSOC). Swarm uses HiveWatch’s own in-house state-of-the-art GSOC and trained team to service organizations with limited security resources, or those looking to make changes/transitions to their existing programs.

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3+ years of experience working directly with engineering teams as a Product Manager in startups, PMP and/or CSM (1 year preferred), Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is preferred, Experience in working with cross-functional teams to create feature requirements, scope, priorities, and defining milestones for deliverables, Knowledge of hardware and software development process and lifecycle, Have worked with product experimentation systems, Use of Jira and Gitlab project management tools (workflows and reports), Excellent technical, problem-solving, and written/oral communication skills, Have built up initial Product experimentation systems is preferred


El Segundo, CA

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February 22, 2022
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