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Clients have many business goals, bespoke processes and competing priorities. AutoStore builds standard solutions for the market, seeking to meet a variety of business needs without taking on the complexity of each client. The Product Analyst is responsible for connecting the detailed business needs of our clients to specific functional solutions in our software products. This position reports to the Director of Product Management.

Skills Required

The Product Analyst should have a keen analytical mind and passion for understanding the intricate system solutions to a variety of business and operational needs. Critical skills for success include: ● Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required as the Product Analyst needs to communicate with product and development team members, other departments, upper management and most critically, our clients ● Expertise in the product including specific technical & industry knowledge ● Superior project management and interpersonal skills ● Ability to maintain a keen attention to detail, multitask and work well under pressure ● Natural tendency to be curious, positive and creative ● Team player who collaborates well with others



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Business Analyst

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September 24, 2021
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