The engineering mission of Dosen is to build a scalable, resilient, and secure platform to serve customers. Reporting to the CEO and as a member of the executive team, you will be a strategic partner to the founders, responsible for setting the culture and cadence for the technology department and will manage our current outsourced developers and build an in-house world class team. Fostering strong relationships, increasing product velocity, and achieving schedule predictability will be your responsibility. You will set the technical vision for the company, translate that vision into the Dosen technical roadmap, and work hand in hand with the CEO to prioritize and deliver projects. Building or integrating products / platforms that appropriately balance the need for speed-to- market, scalability, and stability, you will own all day-to-day engineering and architectural decisions and be involved in the strategic direction of the business. Even though the product is live and generating revenue, the position comes with meaningful equity and the opportunity to influence the direction of the company as if a founding member of the team. You will also have a small team of outsourced full-time engineers to lead, and the budget to expand the team further.

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Los Angeles, CA

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CTO/VP of Engineering

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Full Time

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April 10, 2022
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