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Shain Carrasco

Junior Software Engineer


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Junior Software Engineer

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JavaScript ES6, HTML5, CSS3, React16, jQuery, Node.js, Express, RESTful API development, AWS, MongoDB, Mongoose, Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Webpack, Babel, NPM, Grunt, Postman, Axios


Berkeley, CA

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Software Engineer

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Full-Stack Engineer


Individual Contributor

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Robert H S Cresswell

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Shain is an old friend who has recently pivoted his career from music to technology. His interests and skills are fairly wide-ranging, with a focus on front-end web development and solidly contemporary tools and languages. While he doesn't have on-the-job experience yet, I will vouch for his honesty and work ethic, and say that he has a good "team player" personality. If you're interested in a low-cost, high-enthusiasm junior developer, he could be a great match. For your firm, an excellent long-term investment.

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July 6, 2020
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