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Madeline McKay

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Account Executive

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Background in Marketing, Sales, & Communication. Hard skills include Trend & Industry Analysis, Planning, Brand Management, and Strategy Development. Soft Skills include Curiosity, Emotional Intelligence, Willingness to learn, & Ability to learning from my mistakes.


New York, New York

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Account Executive


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Madeline McKay has a background in strategic sales and marketing. She is currently looking for a mid-level marketing position in the health and wellness industry. At her current position, she has been promoted twice in two years. Madeline is a resourceful self starter and takes time to solve problems at the root of the issue whether that be implementing new processes or optimizing current ones. My personal favorite tidbit about her: She taught herself python (0 previous programming experience) to sync her companies database with her teams excel spreadsheets. This removed manual errors from copy/pasting sensitive data and prevented her team from working with stale spreadsheets. She is a hacker at heart. If you are into healthy eating she has a Blog

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February 2, 2021
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