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Blurb from company: Brella is a new model of child care that is flexible, accessible, and technology-enabled. We're using smart business and technology solutions to solve one of the biggest problems facing today's families- access to child care. The VP of Technology role will help reshape an industry that has long avoided technological innovation as well as directly impact the lives of parents and the development and growth of the next generation of children. Pitch from investor: This is an opportunity to own and drive the technology infrastructure undergirding a new model in child care that helps solve a MASSIVE problem for working parents nationwide. This is not some "Uber for X" asset-light software play, this is the entire child care facility re-thought from the ground up, with technology powering both operations and the parent-facing experience. The two women who founded Brella -- who have 5 children between them -- are brilliant, tenacious, and hyper-capable entrepreneurs now in search of a leader to not only build & ship software, but to craft the technology vision as we expand to dozens of locations over the next few years. If you like the opportunity to make a *huge* impact by solving complicated online and offline problems while building a nationwide brand, check this out.

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CTO/VP of Engineering

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September 13, 2021
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